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Treetops Private Day Nursery, Dudley

Our Rooms

Baby Room 1 - Buttercups

Buttercups provides love and care with early stimulation, co-ordination and physical skills – simple activities are offered with plenty of nurturing interactions.

Baby Room 2 - Daisies

Promoting mobility and encouraging all areas of development by providing a range of daily activities, to allow children to build on their experience in a safe and secure environment.

Baby Room 3 - Bluebells

Encouraging early language and social skills through play, interactions, and activities. Practitioners support children’s early learning and development.

Toddler Room 4 - Poppies

Encourages independence by teaching self-help skills, toilet training and expression of preferences and needs through daily routines and fun interesting activities.  A time for our little characters to shine.

Toddler Room 5 - Daffodils

Learning skills and preparations for Pre-School through a variety of activities and learning opportunities which encourage the children’s overall development. A place to make special friends and build relationships.

Pre-School - Sunflowers

A purpose built unit which caters for up to 22 children aged 3 – 5 years.   Our main objective is to prepare children for school in a fun, exciting, safe environment.  We offer a wide range of learning opportunities based around the children’s own interests to enhance their development and learning with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).  A time to flourish and grow.